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Project: Aurora is an exploration game combining elements of RTS and a survival game. The player becomes the captain of the research mission, which lands on the surface of the newly discovered planet. His task is to conduct the mission, manage its facilities, and organize an expedition deep into the unexplored areas of Aurora. He must learn about the past of the planet and look for traces of the lost expedition, whose last trace was an incomprehensible alarm signal.

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Fully supported by scientific knowledge

Each element appearing in the game has been supported by modern scientific knowledge. All the discoveries that the player will make in the game are logically related to real biology, geology, archeology, physics etc. Research methods and tools available to the player are based on real methods of conducting research and archeological works.

The open structure of the game.

You decide where you go, what you will do, how much risk you will take. The whole area of research is open to you. Your next expeditions (and discoveries) depend on your decisions, planning skills and what you want to know.

Strategic game enriched with survival elements.

You will run a research program on an alien planet. You need to take care of supplies and development of facilities, but also the lives of your crewmembers. You decide what to spend the acquired funds and how to further develop the base and the research mission. Just remember that studying alien planets is a dangerous job. Each crew member can get sick, injured or even die.

The climate of classical science-fiction

Together with your crew, you will embark on a research expedition to a newly discovered planet. However, this planet has many unfathomable secrets. Use the knowledge of scientific specialists and experience the history like in the best times of science fiction literature.

Rich story, open to interpretation.

Your mission is to learn the history of the planet and its inhabitants and unravel the mystery of the missing research team. However, things can get complicated, and obvious things are not so clear. Discover the rich history of past cultures and the story of people who came across the unknown. Be ready to make difficult decisions and then accept their consequences.


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